Planting the Garden

Following the Gardening Workshop with Saskia on Sunday, the volunteers felt more than ready to plant (actually, I think most of us still felt pretty “green” about the whole now-you’re-a-gardener situation, but we were excited to get our hands dirty and get the garden started!). Arrangements were made for the volunteers to meet again alongside our raised beds on Wednesday, the 18th of May.


Melody, our Garden Caretaker, and Aleks, our Volunteer Coordinator, keep the troops in line during the planting session.

Melody Miller, our Garden Caretaker, called upon her gardening expertise to plan out what would be planted where in the garden. Once the beds were marked for planting, the volunteers got to work!


A lot of the plants growing in our garden were started from seeds, but we also had small herb starters to plant in one of our halved barrels, and potato starters for another barrel. We also kept some of our raised bed space open for berry shrubs, which we planted later in the season.


Once the seeds were planted in orderly rows, the garden was watered for the first time! The gardeners were shown the proper way to hydrate the garden, and we also went over some basic garden maintenance guidelines.

The planting was an exciting, fun day for all of us! More photos can be found on our Flickr

Post by Jasmine Woodland, Garden Media Coordinator

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