“Growing” out of values and interests of the students of the Sustainability Club, work began over the last year to develop a plan to build a community garden on the UAA campus. The Student Garden project is a student organized and directed demonstration of small-scale food production in Alaska. Through the project we hope to provide the UAA community with an opportunity to learn about gardening, create a venue for the discussion of food related issues, and emphasize the importance of growing local food.

Our garden is a small, raised-bed garden covering an area of roughly 500 square feet. The UAA Student Garden project is made possible by a core group of UAA students and staff, campus and community support, and of course the awesome volunteers who maintain the garden. To learn more about the garden’s history, and find out what plants we have in the garden this summer, read on. 

Garden Plot prior to planting - Photo by MtnBoy Media

Following the proposal presented to the UAA Department of Facilities in March of 2011 (that proposal may be viewed here), a parcel of land in front of the Beatrice Macdonald Hall was allocated for use as UAA’s first student garden. The garden became a reality in early May of this year when the beds were built, filled with soil, and eventually planted with seeds and starters. To learn what we are growing, explore the garden map.

During the proposal process, the garden project had support from the UAA Department of Sustainability and the Geography Department. Thanks to these university connections, the garden project has a solid foundation on which to grow. In the future, we hope to see this project expand and develop into an ongoing campus gardening program that provides educational opportunities for students.

Financial support for our project came from the USUAA Sustainability Committee and the UAA Department of Sustainability. Green Earth Land Works generously donated plants, seeds, and microbial soil supplement (EM1) to get the garden going. A detailed list of garden supporters can be found here.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a written and visual narrative of the garden’s progress. Check back often for updates on our project!


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