First Things First…

Welcome to the UAA Student Garden Blog!

There are big plans for this blog to tell the story of the student garden, but before we dive right into the nitty-gritty details of creating and maintaining a small, sustainably grown vegetable garden, we would like to thank everyone who has made this project possible. Our wonderful supporters include:

Green Earth Land Works for their generous donations of berry shrubs, seeds, and microbial soil supplement, and for hosting our bokashi workshop.

UAA Office of Sustainability and Paula Williams for their unwavering support during the first phase of the project.

UAA Geography Department and Shannon Donnovan for assisting in the creation of an educational component of the garden (and Shannon’s wonderful guidance throughout the project’s development, and her help as a garden volunteer!)

Judith Owens-Manley and the Center for Community Engagement & Learning for helping to create educational internship opportunities for the garden’s student organizers.

MtnBoy Media for capturing several garden events in beautiful photographs (some of which can be viewed on our Flikr photostream)

Pat Leary

UAA Department of Facilities

Allison “Sunny” Mall for assisting the Sustainability Club members in an advisory capacity, and for her terrific contributions as a volunteer gardener.

Mark Carper for offering himself as a resource, allowing us access to his Alaskan gardening expertise.

And of course, all the awesome volunteers who make the garden possible!

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